Where is it coming from?

SectionBox started in one of the ESN CZ section, ISC VUT Brno. It has been used internally for several years. As we have realized that we have something remarkable that can help other people around the Europe, we decided to go public. Now is system independent from section run by its founder along with other enthusiasts.

How is SectionBox distributed?

It is provided as a service, like Gmail, Drobpox or Facebook, with all benefits that come with it. You do not need to have IT skilled person or resources in order to use and maintain the system. All technical issues are on our side and we know how to take care of them.

Another big advance of this model is that your system is always up to date with latest features and running. As there is a wish list for new features, we are consistently improving our system so that you spend less time on administration and have more time for your creativity.

How secure is SectionBox?

Data security and privacy is priority for us. We are aware of sensitivity and importance of data stored within the SectionBox and we really put this matter in front of everything. All data are accessible only to persons that you give permission to and even such permissions can be given on various levels. Therefore you can have data secured and accessed according to your internal policies and procedures.

In addition, access to data is fully encrypted using HTTP2 protocol and secured with strong password policy.

What about personal data privacy?

SectionBox operates within the European Union where common laws apply and allow us to operate cross border. We provide our service only in countries where we meet all regulatory requirements. For further details please visit our legal page.

How much SectionBox costs?

Since system always has been built on voluntary basis, there are no charges. Service is free and provided with no restrictions. Every organization is very welcomed to use it and join the community. If you have positive experience with our system, please spread the word so others can benefit from it.

Can I try SectionBox before using it?

Indeed, we have tryout account for everyone who is interested and want to take closer look on all modules and features. Consequently, if you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate and please contact us on one of the following channels. Tryout account is fully featured SectionBox instance dedicated for public.

Email: info@SectionBox.org, Social media: Facebook, LinkedIn

Can I join the SectionBox team?

Absolutely, we would be delighted to welcome new person on board. Our community is constantly expanding and newcomers are highly appreciated. We are constantly looking for individuals who are interested in communication, promotion, development or deployment. We do not look for particular background or specialty but rather we seek someone highly motivated with bright ideas.

Contact us: