Your browser does not support JavaScript. JavaScript support is required by SectionBox system a without it you will not be able to login and use SectionBox.
Welcome to the Tryout Account of the SectionBox. Here you can see and try all of the features and possibilities.
Please login to the SectionBox according to role, which behavior you would like to explore.
Login: editor
Password: editoreditor
You can access all features. Editor role access SectionBox in a perspective of an admin (in the sections, admins are usually HR coordinators, Buddy coordinators, Event coordinators or IT responsible)
Login: member
Password: membermember
You can access features that are typical for organization's member.
Login: buddy
Password: buddybuddy
You can access features that are typical for section's buddy person, one that only take care of foreign students.
Feel free to try any the system features, e.g.:
  • user registration
  • user browsing and feedbacking
  • registration/import of new foreigners
  • automatic pairing of buddies
  • personal buddy pairing
  • event management
  • event reservation and payment system
  • exporting data to spreadsheet
In case that you would like to create more users, buddies or foreigners please use external forms.
Please do not change passwords or account roles to enable other persons experience SectionBox equally.
Questions or comments are always welcomed and you can send them to or let us know via social media mentioned in the introduction page.