“We just make it easier for you.”


We provide you platform and service as one package. No need for software updates or errors fixes. We are doing it for you so you do need to care.


We do the math for you. SectionBox crunch all the numbers and help you to decide. Your decisons will be smarter and management of your resources more efficient.


With us you are on mobile as well. We provide mobile app to bring students closer to you. Using push notifications, they will not miss any event again.

“SectionBox is perfect way how to organize chaos.”
Buddy System Zlín
“Cozy and comfortable managing system that is easy to learn and easy to use. We have been provided with a very good feedback from all our users.”

About Us

We are young team of ex-ESNers that are helping Erasmus exchange to make better and bigger on contemporary society.

We develop and maintain service that help local students socients to take better care of foreign students. Our believe that student volunteers should not be burdened by administrative work while supporting exchange students. They shall rather be creative and spend more time with foreigners.

Our Values

We started as response to lack of IT tools within students NGOs taking care of Erasmus students. We kicked of small effort in one local student society that was big enpough to deal with overwhelimg administrative work when dealing with foreign students. Soon we realized that we are not only one that would find use for system that help with operation of NGO.

We came from student environment and we provide service for stutents. We know what it is to operate society with linmited resouces and thus we will always provide SectionBox free of charge whenever it is possible. We believe that voluntary work is esential part of our society and SectionBox is tool that keep boring stuff away from voluntary efforts.

Even though whole project is based on voluntary basis, it is managed by highly skilled professionals. Our highest priority is security of your data and ability to provide solution for every possible scenario.

Our Product

SectionBox is service that will make your organization's live easier. You can get rid of your spreadsheets and have all your data always available, up to date and shared.

We provide tools for various styles of buddy matching system. It is very common that every foreign student is provided with local guide to help him get arround in first months of stay. However every organization uses different system of matching, we provide solution for multiple methods of assiging students. It can be either students choose who they want to buddy or algorithmic assignation based on preferences or few others.

Personal management of your organization member is another module that will make your life a lot easier. Future buddies or even members can apply using online form. Contact informations of people that you work with are always at your hand. This module even implements gamification techniques to motivate your members to be enageged and responsible while helping foreign students.

One module is entirely dedicated for event management. All societies organize events for foreigners, it is best way how to experience local country. In SectionBox you can easily manage events. Create event and let students to sign up. Sign up is online on webpages or in mobile app. Payments can be recorded in system as well. To smooth up beginning of the trip, reminder email is send just night before the event and trip leader is provided with list of participants to his email.

We can also help you keep track of your finances. Our most recent module is helping track and analyse your profit and losses. As most of our users are organizations with reuirements on book keeping we provide them with acocunting tools that make whole process easier. For instance, event transactions are recorded automatically and one can even setup custom accounts to merge it with organization's needs.


Would you like to know more? Here you can find some commonly asked questions that help you understand SectionBox project better.

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We like share some of our opinions and plans for future. If you interested to know what we are up to, here is the place.

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Privacy & Legal

Here you can find legal information along with explanation on how we work with personal data. We want you to know what what are your rights.

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